• Business Description: Rewardpot is a Tel Aviv-based social commerce-technology provider to offer marketing technology and services to eCommerce-providers  and other digital marketiers such as games developers/publishers
  • Location: Tel-Aviv, Israel
  • Involvement: Investor and Advisory Board
  • Investment Date: December 2013
  • Status: Active


  • Business Description: DataDiggy is a mobile/social-data technology. It enables partners and licensees to take advantage of deep data-driven targeting and traffic generation to enhance marketing performance
  • Location: Hong Kong/Gibraltar
  • Involvement: Co-Founder
  • Investment Date: June 2013
  • Status: Active


  • Business Description: Pioneering market leader of Emergent Artificial Intelligence technology, Storybricks partners with companies suchs as Gaming developers to redefine the fundamental narrative of immersive interactive experiences across multiple platforms.
  • Location: London, UK/ San Diego, USA
  • Involvement: Investor and Advisory Board
  • Investment Date: June 2012
  • Status: Active


  • Business Description: Upcoming Social Discovery Freemium service to provide playful “Social Liquidity” to web 2.0 target group with the use of item sales and micro transactions.
  • Involvement: Investor and Chairman
  • Location: Cologne, Germany
  • Investment Date: October 2010
  • Status: Active
  • See the spot: meetOne Spot


  • Business Description: Exchange Plattform for Branded Virtual Items to create Liquidity for Rights-holders and Brands in the virtual world. On the other side to enhance profitability of Online Gaming Publishers/developers through integration of Branded Vitural Items in their Gaming products. The Founding Team has a existing suitable portfolio of rights and distribution partners in the gaming space.
  • Location: London, UK/San Francisco, USA
  • Involvement (past): Co-Founder and Board Member
  • Investment Date: December 2010
  • Exit Date: January 2013
  • Status: Exited


  • Business Description: Boutique Management Consulting and Corporate Finance Firm for TIMES Companies and Financial Institutions in Europe, Asia and the USA. Skillnet serves 200+ Clients of which most of them are Global Fortune 100 clients to improve strategic and operational performance. The Corporate Finance Practice creates Shareholder value through cross border M&A transactions.
  • Location: Hamburg, Germany/ Shanghai, China/ New York, USA
  • Involvement (past): Active Shareholder/Partner
  • Investment Date: March 2004
  • Exit Date: October 2010
  • Status: Exited